By: John Snowberger
Son of Famed Indy 500 Great
"Russ Snowberger"

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Russ Snowberger's
Restored Cars

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Specializing in Indianapolis 500 Cars of Earlier Times
As seen on display at the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame/Museum
New Models - World War II Planes

1965 Lotus Ford Driver Jim Clark
Indianapolis 500 winner
50th Anniversary Limited Edition series

Train - 1855 4.4.0 Steam Engine Locomotive

World War II Fighter Plane F 4 U Corsair

World War II P51 Mustang fighter Plane

Joe Hunt Magneto Special

Joe Hunt Magneto Special

Joe Hunt Magneto Special

Joe Hunt Magneto Special

The Cord Official Pace Car 1930

The Cord Official Pace Car 1930

The Cord Official Pace Car 1930

Book is Available at the Indianapolis Speedway Museum Giftshop

First Winner of the
Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

1911 - 2011
The 100th Anniversary
Speical Limited Edition
Series of Only 11
1/8th Scale - 24" Long

1957 "How Special"
Driven by Elmer George

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1947 "Blue Crown spark Plug Special"
Driven By: Mauri Rose

1959 "Federal Engineering Special
Driven By: Bob Christie

1955 Indianapolis 500 Winner
"The John Zink Special"
Driven By: Bob Sweikert

1958 Indianapolis 500 Winner
"Belond Special"
Driven By: Jimmy Bryan

1970 "STP Special"
Driven By:Mario Andretti

1939-40 Indianapolis 500 Winner
"The Boyle Masorati Special"
Driven By: Wilbur Shaw

1970 "Johnny Lightning Special"
Driven By: Al Unser (4 Time Indy Winner)

1952 Indianapolis 500 Winner
"The Agajanian Special"
Driven By: Troy Ruttman

1963 Indianapolis 500 Winner
"Willard Battery Special"
Driven By: Parnelli Jones

1951 Indianapolis 500 Winner
"Belanger Special"
Driven By: Lee Wallard

1932 Gilmore "KATFISH"
Driven By: Stubby Stubblefield

1917 "Golden Submarine"
Driven By: Barney Oldfield

1951 Indianapolis 500 Pole Winner
"Novi Purelube Special"
Driven By: Duke Nalon

1959 Indianapolis Winner
"Leader Card Special"
Driven By: Roger Ward

1928 Indianapolis Winner
Miller RWD
Driven By: Louis Meyer

1929 "Armacost Special"
Miller RWD
Driven By: Herman Schurch

1928 "Marmon Special"
Driven By: Russ Snowberger

1952 Indianapolis 500 Pole Winner
"Cummins Diesel Special"
Driven By: Freddie Agabashian

1928 "Stutz Black Hawk"
Land Speed Record Car
Driven By: Frank Lockart

1957 Indy Winner
Driven By: Sam Hanks

1920 "Duesenberg 16 Cylinder"
Land Speed Record Car
Driven By: Tommy Milton

1960 "King O'Lawn Special
Driven By: Red Amick

1929 "Packard Cable Special"
Driven By: Ralph Hepburn Miller FWD

1977 Indianapolis 500 Winner (Foyts Fourth)
1961 "Bowes Seal Fast Special" (Foyts First)

"The 1958 Sumar Special"

1932 Studebaker Factory Race Car
Driven by Zeke Meyer

The 1957 Marked
the "Novi Air Conditioner Special"

Sumar Stremliner

Sumar Stremliner

Sumar Stremliner

The Throne - Sparks

Little Six Special

1939 Indy Pole Winner Jimmy Syder Finished 2nd

The Austrailian Midget Champion #54

The Austrailian Midget Champion #54

the "Novi Air Conditioner Special"
1957 Marked

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